Jack & Lily works tirelessly to ensure that every crawling/walking shoe they offer is baby touch soft and fully flexible, allowing for total foot flexion. Healthy feet need to move! Additionally, the inclusion of genuine leather, premium non-toxic materials and fully adjustable Velcro closes let Jack & Lily provide the very best fit for your baby’s foot every single time.

Shoes need to have a smooth, flat bottom. This leads to less friction so that baby can learn to crawl easily, while toddler gets to take those very first steps without adding extra stumbles. Shoes that are too stiff or too sticky can lead to improper alignment in a child’s initial crawling/walking motions, which can be difficult to correct. Because a child’s foot tends to grow in spurts this can also mean newly sized shoes are required every 3 to 4 months (at least during their first two to three years). Bottom line: the fit of a child’s shoe matters – a lot.

Jack and Lily shoes come hand-crafted with breathable, genuine leather and premium non-toxic materials plus our signature durable, but soft, thermoplastic rubber sole (except our Originals line that have a custom, super-soft suede sole). Jack & Lily shoes come with an industry-defining standard three millimeters of ankle and sole cushioning. Our custom Velcro close also makes Jack & Lily shoes as easy to put on as they are great at staying on. Children need to move, and their shoes should move with them! A true soft-sole, healthy-feet focused shoe, for indoors or out. That’s Jack & Lily!